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GSE Expertise


Our appraisers average 15 years of experience in the GSE lending space.

  • GSE Expertise: Apprise is built for GSE lending. Our platform satisfies the demands of the largest GSE lenders with some of the most stringent underwriting requirements.
  • We Have Deep Multifamily Industry Expertise: Our appraisers have conducted more than 3,500 assignments for GSE firms over the last 5 years.
  • High Speed Deliveries: Our system quickly delivers market comparables to our clients prior to engagement. Whether you need underwriting due diligence or an appraisal report, our proprietary system is set up to deliver at your speed.
  • We Understand Underwriters: We put more robust information into the hands of your underwriting teams faster, helping avoid any surprises.
  • Apprise is Built for Your Digital Future: The GSEs want information on your loans digitally -- and Apprise is ideally positioned to help ensure your appraisals arrive in any format that Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae demands. We are digital from day one, so we are ready to integrate with third party portals or deliver appraisal data straight to the GSE.
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