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A Modern Valuation Approach

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How is Apprise Different?

State-of-the-art trend analysis and enhanced analytics given instant access to 20 years of licensed data on more than 2.5 million properties, from proprietary databases and industry standard resources.
Our appraisers deliver consistent high-quality reports in every location, enabled by our proprietary software and comprehensive nation-wide data.
Reports completed with real-time data to accurately support key assumptions that impact valuation conclusions. We detail our evidence in our reports, with supplemental data readily available.

How we're the same

All our multifamily appraisals are USPAP-compliant and, as applicable, FIRREA-and GSE-compliant.
Behind every appraisal are local expert appraisers confirming market data, conducting in-person inspections, and going over every detail. Designated MAI appraisers analyze, review, and sign all reports.

Our process is designed for your success

Apprise brings the best of digital transformation and professional expertise together for your benefit.



Apprise has coverage in 40+ states as of January 2020, with nationwide coverage targeted by the end of 2020.



USPAP, FIRREA, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, HUD, FASB ASC, IFRS


Technology & Data

Appraiser workflow automatically populates with appraiser verified property, comp, rent, location and market data that our technology platform intelligently ingests from third-party sources and property-level data.

When we looked around the industry and observed the 3-week appraisal process time frame, we thought we could surely accelerate that and bring the industry into the 21st century via Apprise ‐ faster and more accurate than ever before.

Greg Florkowski - Executive Vice President, Walker & Dunlop


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